Wine on Tap - YUM?

Southern rolls out premium wines by the keg

Premium Wine on Tap is an innovative and virtually waste-free way to pour premium wines by the glass at a bar or restaurant. Familiar with beer on tap? Premium Wine on Tap is the same concept! Learn how to save on bottle waste and what high-end wine brands are available by the keg from Southern Wine & Spirits.

What does a Premium Wine on Tap system look like?

A Wine on Tap system can be as sleek and sophisticated as you would like it to be. There are many design and installation options to fit the look and feel of your restaurant. 

How can you cut waste by implementing a Wine on Tap system?

Imagine the benefits and higher margins to your bottom line when you eliminate all the oxidation, glass and cardboard waste resulting from your bottle sales.

What wine brands are available from Premium Wine on Tap?

Southern Wine and Spirits is the nation’s largest wholesaler of premium wines available straight from the barrel to the keg. Premium Wine on Tap brands include: Beringer Knights Valley, Simi and Chateau St Jean!


What do you all think? Maybe the one on top? I can't imagine how this one would look great on the back bar.


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