As an enthusiast of social media, I can tell you that to promote any business these days you need to include social media into your strategy. It is a fact that people spend more time these days hooked up on their facebook or Twitter accounts than ever before, making it the best place to get yourself and your restaurant known. What this does not mean however is that you can forget your website; this is often where people will look once they have located you on Linkedin or Facebook.


Social media was primarily for personal social interactivity, but that has changed, making these sites the perfect place to get your restaurant known. However, you should not use these sites for pushy advertising; this will put people off visiting your establishment in real life and be the downfall of your business. You need to use social media to get people talking about your restaurant, visiting it, and then in turn leaving you excellent feedback on your social media sites. If people are tweeting about you, then curiosity will get the customers rolling in, establishing regular visitors to your haunt.


Social media needs to be a prominent part of your structured advertising, giving you the ability to sell your restaurant to a global audience. Nearly ninety percent of young adults use social media daily, and even more than a quarter of the over seventy five age group, proving that it really is the place to be. The days when social media was purely for interacting with virtual friends has gone; it is a way to put yourself on the map, build up your business and make your restaurant a success.


By concentrating on putting your business on a page where you need it to be, you will bring in customers in a way that a simple website cannot. Your business is something not only to “like” but it is something to “do” in your local area, and social media can be the difference between a restaurant that turns over adequately to one that is a roaring success.

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  • Hey Angela,

    Great points you made here in this post! Social media should also be looked at as a research and development lab for restaurants. Just from the feedback in your social circles you can learn what customers like on your menus, do they like the atmosphere of your restaurant, do they feel the staff are friendly and accommodating.  There are so many things restaurants can learn from engaging their social media circles that can help them improve a customers experience. All this can translate to the word getting spread even further about your restaurant and repeat customers.

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