Why IN-N-OUT has it right

by Celeste Edman, Marketing Expert

Say what you want about fast food, but IN-N-OUT is the standard that we should all hold ourselves to. Your restaurant may be fine dining or have a specific niche, so you may be wondering what you could possibly learn from IN-N-OUT.

I recently went to a restaurant where I ordered a very high-end dish whose description raved about the quality of the fish and the freshness of the frites. When I received my meal, I was surprised to discover that I had basically ordered a $32 plate of fish and chips that should have been called a fish and chip-- without the S. I was committed though, and ready to enjoy this meal either way. The only thing I needed was some ketchup. I was in a fancy French restaurant-- And I asked for ketchup. I'll let you figure out what happened next.

In the IN-N-OUT model, everything is made to order for every customer, every time. And it's fresh. OK, it's not hand-raised salmon filet breaded in imported panko, but it's fresh and it's the way the customer ordered it. In fact, IN-N-OUT will not allow a restaurant to be built unless it's 100 miles or less from their warehouse where they store their food. That's committement to the customer.

It started out as a small, family-run restaurant like many restaurants do, but through their dedication to their employees, their customers, and the quality and consistency of product, they've now grown to 268 locations in 5 states. IN-N-OUT has a starting pay for employees of $10 per hour. Every employee goes through extensive training to learn the core values of the company and this shows in their consistency. Their model seems to be, if our employees are happy and healthy and know who we are, then our customers will too.

Training is a key element to their success. While they don't have a “University” the way McDonald's does, they continue to be rated as the top Fast Food Chain in the U.S. They use a combination of hands-on training along with online training to instill their company values.

Quality service. Quality food. Quality people. These are things that all of our restaurants could benefit from. IN-N-OUT got it right. Not bad for a fast food chain, eh?

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