Why I’ll use Foursquare to find my next meal

I'm not a big Yelp-er. Neither are most of my friends.

When I got to find a new restaurant, the search function in Yelp allows for many ways to target, but it's still overwhelming.

If Yelp isn't your thing, Foursquare's new "Explore" function is a must.

The search function begins with the basic "What are you looking for..." followed by near -- in case you're looking for something close or in a specific neighborhood. These are pretty basic search functions that will bring up a lot of options.

However, the "that" search function is what puts it above Yelp or other restaurant finders.

This function allows you to search for a restaurant that...

  • foursquare recommends
  • I haven't been to yet
  • I have been to before
  • my friends have been to
  • have foursquare specials

So if you select "my friends have been to", restaurants are pulled up that your friends on Foursquare have been to. There, you can see which of your friends have been and how many times.

I absolutely love this search ability because it's another step toward making search (and eating) more social. This search is another reason why as a restaurant, you need to be engaging via a Foursquare special.

If you're going to dinner this weekend and are an expert or novice Foursquare user, give the "Explore" feature a try. Let me know in in the comments what you think of it.

Happy Eating!


Originally posted at The Social Foodie.

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  • You're welcome, Michele! Let me know what you think!

    I agree...that feeling of ousting someone else never gets old ; )

  • I use Foursquare mainly for checking in places, and the ego boost I get when I "oust" someone as the "Mayor" of any given establishment. :)

    I have yet to try this feature, but now that you've brought it to my attention, I will definitely do so next time I'm looking for something new! Thanks!

This reply was deleted.

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