I spoke this week with a Bar owner who mentioned that his Facebook Page for his bar had been shut down by Facebook without warning and as a result, he had lost all his bar’s friends and their contact details. In essence, he had lost a targeted effective marketing channel overnight. I discuss the reason for this in the video below together with recommendations on how you can avoid this happening to your Facebook presence too.

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  • Thanks Barry...

    I'm sharing with my network!


  • Thanks Steven! Appreciate the feedback! Cheers, Barry

  • Barry - brilliant that you've brought this issue to light.  I cannot tell you how many business owners have made this faux pax and somehow feel like they're the ones wronged - you're pointing out thet is they who are in violation of the terms of service (TOS) at Facebook.  Many times I've found that they've been told by an uninformed social media 'consultant' that a pseudonym account was the proper way to get their business on Facebook.  Your content is spot on Amigo!

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