Why Customer Service Is So Key

Businesses lost over $83 billion dollars last year because of bad customer service.

For restaurants to obtain loyal customers and continued growth, Customer Service is key.

Last month I read a book that put a whole new perspective on how listening and responding to customers can improve service which directly correlates with an increase in profit.

There are sections on asking your customers the right questions, what to do with the answers they give you, and then how to implement improvements from the data you collected. There are tips on how to increase the value of the feedback you receive from social media. There are even management tips regarding how to treat your employees so they provide the best service possible.

The good news? I actually have a handful of copies of "Deliveringand Measuring Customer Service" to give away.

It was justpublished last month, and got great reviews from big names in the
Restaurant and Hospitality industry (like William R. Tiefel, the
Chairman Emeritus of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, John Barr, the CEO
of Papa Murphy's, and Stephen R. Covey, author of "7 Habits of Highly
Effective People.")

If you want a copy, just shoot me a line andlet me know why you want it. I figured if there was anyone who could benefit from a copy, I'd find them on FohBoh.
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