What's Up with U.S. Fine Diners?

If you work in the Fine Dining sector (you know who you are…), you know the competition’s tough. In these challenging economic times, fine diners are especially discriminating about where they book their next $150+ dining experience.

You’re in luck. Restaurant Rx has just published the results of our May, 2010 survey of 1600 fine diners residing in the top 25 metro U.S. areas.

Some of the data may surprise you:

- Today's Gen Y and Baby Boomer fine diners have an adventurous streak: 61% desire new dishes and exotic cuisine. Only 11% describe themselves as "steak and potatoes" types. (Oh, oh, steak houses?)

- Fine diners prefer one-of-a-kind establishments over upscale national chains by a wide margin: 81% vs. 19%.

There’s much in our FREE report. Please email me or comment below if you want a copy of the report.

And, hey, if you toil in the Fine Dining sector, we’d love to hear what you think of our findings!

Does it match up with what your guests are telling you?

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