The professional competency that you have developed in purchasing, sales and distribution can be enhanced by incorporating common executive topics and jargon into your proposals, when asking for a job, or pitching the foodservice executive on a new product or service.

These leaders are accustomed to a fast-paced environment where deadlines and profits are a priority and multi-tasking is the norm.  Become aware of the needs, concerns and challenges facing restaurant management.  By the same token, become accustomed to incorporating their topics of interest, including power phrases and jargon in your direct communications.   

Return on Investment
Great procurement departments save money and some even generate revenue. Keep score to prove value; the best suppliers understand restaurant food cost and profit margins,  and exactly how much their product contributes. 

1.    Purchasing staff is expected to work extra hours, to improve job skills, think outside-the-box; however, providing value for the salary paid comes through improving communication and collaboration with other departments.

2.    Distributors must support the product contracting and vendor sourcing process, deliver smart-reports (descending dollar, % of maverick purchases, report how price changes impact month-to-month spend, and respond quickly to supply problems.

3.     Sole source suppliers are expected to do more to protect customer ROI by providing buy recommendations, projecting future prices, and managing product quality control.   

Continuous Improvement
Executives want their restaurant organizations to get better all the time. So, show how your relevant performance is improving the business.

For example, a.) Increase (%) spend under contract b.) Source lower-cost products c.) Project seasonal buy-in opportunities and d) compare last year’s performance with current trends. (hint: before being asked)

Performance vs. the Industry
CEO’s strive to make their restaurant brand the “best-in-class”.  Gather industry statistics, clip and send articles, benchmark results; suggest new trends/what new products has the competition introduced.

Contribution to Foodservice Goals                                                                                                  Foodservice Executives want to know how well their teams are supporting the profitable growth of the brand. Everyone working in the organizations' supply chain needs to know precisely what those goals are and how the chain (brand) is positioned within their foodservice segment. 

To Higher Profits!                                                                                                                                        


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