Facebook is more than a website to use to keep in touch with friends and family. It is commonly used as a marketing tool for restaurants of all sizes. Below, you will find 10 simple steps to get your restaurant Facebook marketing campaign operating in a successful manner.

1.  The content that you add to your Facebook page will make a difference in the amount of people that follow you. If you are publishing information that is not interesting, they are not going to take the time to read what you are posting. If you post too many uninteresting things, they will not continue to follow you and you will begin to lose friends.

2.  Keep your posts related to your brand. If you begin to go off topic, it can quickly lose the friends that you need to keep to succeed. If you are promoting printer ink, do not post about motorcycle parts. It will not help you gain any restaurant.

3.  Ask your friends questions. You want to encourage responses from your audience and the best way to do that is by asking questions. Inquire as to what they are looking for in your brand, or what they dislike about it. You can use their responses as a way to gather valuable feedback. You can then use the feedback to make changes in the way you do things.

4.  Post pictures when you can. You can use pictures of the food you are promoting or pictures of people enjoying the food.

5.  Celebrate the milestones in your company on Facebook. As you hit your yearly anniversary, post a comment on your wall. It will encourage customers to celebrate with you during this time.

6.  Hold a contest or a prize giveaway. You can use trivia questions about your menu items as a way to boost your followers. You can also provide a prize to the person who posts a picture of some sort. Get creative and use contests that people tend to have the most fun with.

7.  When you are reading content that others have posted on their walls, share that content. You can build a relationship with others doing this. If you share their content, they will likely share yours if it is interesting.

8.  Videos are often a big hit on Facebook. It is easy to post them, enjoyable to view them and it makes it very simple to include a lot of information in a two minute video. Just be sure that you do not make the videos too long or off topic.

9.  Your followers may need some encouragement to share or like your posts. You could hold another contest for the 100th share. It could really help get the post circulating on many people's walls.

10. Keep your Facebook page professional looking and content wise. You must be sure to avoid making any dirty jokes or showing any kind of disrespect. Keep your posts respectful to followers of any age, race or religion.

These tips will help you get your Facebook promotion plan actually promoting your restaurant. Apply them and watch your friend's list continue to grow.

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  • Michael, love your last 2 blog posts. On mobile and Facebook marketing. But then again we are biased ;) - given that we have developed an app that is Facebook Page + Text messaging in one app. There is nice synergy in Facebook and mobile marketing. Facebook marketing can not only be used to engage users on your Page but to also build an opt-in mobile database. Converting fans into mobile subscribers is a good way to identify "core" fans - those who may become first time customers or even better repeat customers. Mobile marketing (and especially text messaging as it is ubiquitous) is an excellent means to connect the offline to the online world. For example, it can help drive user word-of-mouth using Text-to-Like discussed more here:

  • Kyle-Beth Hilfer: Some great info on your blog post. I am sending all of my clients a link to it and urging them to review it. Thanks for the heads up.

  • All great marketing tips. Keep in mind that there are legal implications to marketing strategies like sweepstakes/contests and using videos/photos in social media. I discuss many of these issues on my blog posts on FOHBOH. Marketing on Facebook is a useful tool and can be accomplished with minimal legal risk provided restaurants take the proper due diligence steps.

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