Tricks to Eliminate Tasks and Boost Productivity

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Many of us suffer from early mornings and late, sleepless nights. Our brains stay on full throttle. We’re always moving a hundred miles a minute, and it seems as if there are not enough minutes in a day to accomplish our constantly growing to-do lists. As a result, we inevitably become stressed, irritable and less productive as the days, weeks and months pass by.

In an effort to help iron out the kinks we face in our workday, experiment with the time-saving, productivity-boosting, creativity-sparking techniques below. Remember, it takes 21 days to create a habit, so consistency is key. Within a month you should start to recognize changes, whether it’s being less stressed at the end of the day or having the ability to tend to more emails per day.

  • Get In-tune With Yourself

If you’re an early-riser, you’re probably the most productive and creative early in the morning. Therefore, do your most important, “must-get-done” tasks in the morning. If you’re a night owl, do the reverse. If there is something due later in the week or in the next couple of days, tackle it during the wee hours of the night if it suits you.

  • Similarity Works

Although given a bad rep in the past, multitasking is a sufficient way to get things done. But there’s a catch. Instead of checking emails and trying to write a blog post at the same time, try bundling similar tasks. For instance, if creating content for a blog post is on your to-do list, include other relatable tasks such as writing press releases that may be due, updating social media profiles, or updating website copy.

  • The Cloud Is Your Friend

How many times have you clicked on every folder on your laptop searching for a specific document to share with a colleague? Taking advantage of cloud services such Google Docs, Dropbox and Windows Sky Drive saves a great deal of time and assists in organizing documents and other collateral.

  • Prepare For Meetings

As an alternative to the first thing in the morning, schedule meetings during your downtime. Also, prepare the meeting’s agenda and specific talking points before the meeting. This will do two things, keep everyone focused and possibly end the meeting early.

  • Never Procrastinate

There is no way around making decisions. When problems come your way, take the time to evaluate the issue and make a decision.  Never say “I’ll get to it later” because this only recycles the same task back to your to-do list.

What other techniques do you use to boost your productivity during the workday?

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