Grant Funded Hospitality Training 

If your hostess and server team is spiraling out of control, or you're interested in honing their skills to generate better guest service and hopefully improve sales, consider state grant programs.  These programs can be made available to independent, small chain, and corporate restaurants.

Understanding Grant Opportunities

Many states make grant funds available to employers in good tax standing to train the workforce and improve skills.  Opportunities, rules, and stipulations, are governed from state to state.  Some states exempt retailing businesses, while others, such as New Jersey are currently funding training programs.  Check with your state to determine what opportunities exist for you, as varied states prioritize different industries for these funds.  Paperwork and requirements vary by state as well.

Sample Training Programs:

Hospitality Skills

  • Food Merchandising
  • ServSafe: Food/Alcohol     
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Food Production Skills
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Standard Industry Procedures and Practices
  • Wait Staff Training
  • Professional Table Service
  • Hotel Front Office Management
  • Hotel Operations Management
  • Housekeeping Management
  • Guest Service Skills
  • Casino Operations Management
  • Restaurant Spanish
  • Service English
Other Training Opportunities

It's important to consider everyone in the organization when applying to maximize the grant request.
Consider what training back office employees might need outside of training.  Could employees benefit from training on Microsoft Office, email, or organizational skills?  Management could always use a little teamwork, time-management, and presentation skill refresher.  Perhaps training is even needed for your business success, even if a grant is not accessible?

Applying for a Grant

We recommend working with a professional grant writer and facilitator who understands what and how the state wants to see with paperwork and requests.  These experts know how to appeal to the state's priorities with the request, deadlines, and corresponding paperwork that will be required.  To learn more about opportunities please review the website below:

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