Tips To Boost Creativity Within Your Company

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Now more than ever, creativity has become a staple in the workplace. Back in the day, companies walked the straight and narrow, reluctant to take a risk. If there were tried and proven strategies in place, more than likely they would pigeonhole themselves to those particulars.

On the contrary, the technological world we live in today calls for nothing less than innovation and creativity. No matter what industry, a company cannot survive or remain competitive without thinking outside the box, at least some of the time. For this reason alone, it is critical that companies seek creative employees, encourage and promote abstract thinking, and provide a gateway for those creative ideas to be implemented within the business model.

In order to invite and foster creativity at your company, follow the 12 tips below offered by Mashable, one of Foodem's favorite sites.

It All Starts with Employee Creativity:

  • Assess current employees within your company and deploy them for special projects and leadership positions.
  • Hire for innate creativity. Look beyond their domain skills and observe candidates’ creative skills.
  • Train for creative thinking skills.

Build Personal Relationships:

  • Create multi-gender and multi-cultural teams in order to inspire a higher creative output.
  • Encourage fun and play by scheduling team recreation, which reinforcing collaboration and builds trust amongst the team.
  • Allow employees time to clarify and polish ideas.
  • Because the success of any business relies heavily on marketing, which requires creativity, it is extremely important to teach marketing principles.
  • Promote industry networking and interaction with peers.
  • A business cannot grow without knowing the needs of its customers. Take the time to have conversations with customers, whether in person or online via social networks, and allow them to express their opinions, ideas, wants, and concerns. Remember, this is a two-way street, don’t be afraid to share your thoughts, concepts, or even prototypes with them as well.

Management Involvement:

  • Define a vision for your team, while still giving them the freedom to control their time and efforts.

Physical Surroundings:

  • Create big open spaces, absent of distractful environmental clutter.
  • Create friendly individual workspaces to put employees at ease while at work.

What other tips do you have to provoke creativity?

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