Three Menu Items Every Restaurant Needs

by Celeste Edman, Marketing Expert

It doesn't matter if you run a down home southern soul food restaurant, a fast-casual concept or a high-end steak house, these menu items should be part of your everyday line-up. Change your menu as often as you want, but keep these few staples and you'll find that they will become your best sellers.

1. The signature dish.

This is the item that you'll become known for and customers will come back over and over again just to get this specialty. Every great restaurant has at least one. There's a Mediterranean restaurat that I go to because the owner makes Steak Diane on a small cart in the dining room while you watch. It's delectable and it's the only thing I have ordered there since. And I will go to the trouble of calling in advance to find out if he's in and he's cooking just to get it. That loyalty is hard to cultivate in customers, but once it's there, you'll have them for as long as you offer your specialty.

2. The healthy option.

If you have discovered a new twist on salad or have found a way to make a garden burger actually taste good, put it on the menu. One of my favorite dishes is fresh “everything” salad that a local restaurant makes and I order it because it has unexpected and seasonal items in it, so every time it's slightly different. Even if you have a simple vegetarian dish, giving a healthy option will diversify your customers and ensure brand loyalty.

3. Comfort food.

Don't we all need a little comfort food once in a while? Macaroni and cheese has gained popularity in restaurants recently with chefs using expensive or unique cheeses, handmade sausage, and fresh made pasta .Whatever your comfort food item, make sure that it's an old favorite we all grew up with but with a gourmet twist.

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