The Power of Push (Messages!)

Push notifications are messages delivered to those who have downloaded your app and accepted notifications. They can be delivered whether or not the user is using the app at the time of send - which is one of best things about them. Instead of relying on your customer going into their inbox and opening your email, your push message appears automatically on their screen.

This is what makes push messaging so effective, and why push ads have a click through rate that is ten times higher than online advertising. Not to mention that people who receive a push message are six times as likely to move forward with a purchase (source: Insightexpress).

Done well, they provide information of interest and keep users engaged with your app. Sending a special offer to your users will build loyalty and drive traffic to your restaurant. Your fans will appreciate the deal and see benefits of having your app on their phone. By keeping them engaged in this way, you’ll be able to continue to market to them and bring them back into your restaurant again and again.

What are some other benefits of Push? One significant benefit is price: push messaging campaigns through your app are free - instead of paying for a txt or email based marketing campaign. They are also media friendly, and allow you to send direct links to websites, videos and more. Push messages can also direct customers to return to your app for special offers and events as well, which helps to continue to keep them engaged in your app.

What type of messages should you send?

  • - Its a slow night at the restaurant. Send out a special offer - there’s a good chance an unexpected offer appearing right in their pocket could compel a potential customer to skip cooking and head to their favorite restaurant.
  • - Happy hour reminder - everyone loves a good deal! Keep your customers up to date and thinking about you when they are looking to unwind with a weekly reminder about happy hour.
  • - Spread the news - get more reviews. Encourage customers to rate you on your favorite review site by sending them a push message requesting a review with a link to your page.  They’ll be able to follow the link and write a review instantly!

By taking advantage of the power of push, you are engaging your customers through their most favorite device - their phone. They will appreciate the special offers and convenience, and you’ll appreciate the additional business it brings you. Push Messaging is a standard feature included with your app, so using taking advantage of it costs nothing more than a few minutes of your time each week. And if you don’t already have an app.. what are you waiting for?

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