the future of waiters?

Brandon every body should read your last post because you make a lot of sense, Brandon, I did say redifine, you go in the difence, which is understandble, and you gave a good arguement, but you cant take a small sentance, and work on that only, I also stated, I will discuss all of my post with everybody, and I would point out what is for and what is against, this new computerised Item,  when you enter this portals you will always loose, if you only look at it one way, in which way will the restaurant look  at at this item? and if it is applied? 

the rasons, it is ro state how will it.

1.Greet the customers.

2.How will it sell a pre diner drink, later a bottle  of wine/

3.How will it explain the specials,

4.Will it ask how the food is and will it answer the question and respond to complaints.

5.will it sell, deserts, liquors, coffee.This is a good argument for the waiters.

The purchaser/Propietor/mManager.

If all this is done efficiently, the propietors will look at it very closely, WHY?

because someone with time and motion will say, now if the time it saves by this type of ordering, the waiterd should serve forty people or more  and of course propietors will love this,

My question is how do we overcome this. as I stated in my last post, there is a couple more very intresting items which I will put in my next post, if only one person reads this, then the rest I wont bother with. Giuseppe

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