Ten Dollars to See – Organic, To Be or Not To Be

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This article won’t tell you anything about the health benefits of organic foods – you can find articles anywhere about that. This article is about my favorite “plus” of organics – their flavor!

I hadn’t realized that flavor comes from food itself until recently. Spices and condiments may bring flavor out, but they are nothing without something to put them on. I often asked myself “Do I want a tasty dinner, or an average dinner?”  If I wanted a tasty dinner, then bring on the butter and cream cheese! If I wanted an average dinner – then bring on the ketchup and mayonnaise. If dinner still wasn’t tasty enough I’d toss in more salt and pepper.  If that didn’t work I’d throw in some paprika – spiciness covers everything!

Ever since I started cooking with organic foods, I’ve been blown away by the difference in flavor. Half the time I don’t even need salt or pepper! The other day I cooked some broccoli and salmon in olive oil – nothing else. It was good enough that my dog didn’t get any – despite him using every single one of his cute poses; he has such beautiful eyes.

Anyway, I’m going to have a hard time convincing you about flavor with words. It’s much better to taste it for yourself! Have you ever had scrambled eggs? I’m sure you’ve had your fair share – they’re a protein-packed meal that takes minutes to cook – a perfect combo with our last minute alarm clocks!

Ten Bucks is All You Need

First, buy a pack of organic eggs. You can usually get 12 for under $4.00. Better yet, visit your local farmer’s market – you’ll be able to score them for as little as $2.00 a dozen. Plus, you are now supporting the buy-local movement. Yay!

Then go grab yourself some organic milk at a grocery store. Organic milk goes for around $3.00 more than regular milk, but sometimes you’ll be able to snag it for as little as $5.00 a gallon.

That’s all the organics you’ll need. It’s fine if the other ingredients aren’t organic – the flavor of the milk and eggs will persevere.

If you’re not a scrambled egg person, you can try substituting organic eggs and milk in your favorite pancake recipe, or pretty much any cookie or cake. You’ll find the flavor to be much richer.

Take Heed

As with most things, I must warn you… Once you go organic, it is tough to go back. You’ll have trouble eating at your friend’s houses – no matter how they hide their bargain frozen bag broccoli, you will know. You will know! You’ll find it tough to stomach regular milk – if you wanted water you would have grabbed some from the sink!

Now go make those eggs and tell me they don’t taste better.

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