Taste Perceptions - The Miracle Fruit

Foodservice product development technologists have studied the action of so called Taste modifiers that can give you a better understanding of how our taste system works.             

My connection with a new product starts with the plate presentation, followed by an aroma high, which builds to a taste crescendo expectation that lasts only a few seconds following the initial taste. Even if we enjoy that initial “bite”, most dishes loose many of its flavor traits; the cola becomes less sweet, key lime pie is less tart and so on. 

Our firms' role in strategic sourcing and product development is to support the culinary and marketing team by suggesting new products that provide the WOW factor, often by confusing the customers’ sensory evaluation of foods.  

We pioneered the development of a unique 100% all natural liquid flavoring that gives burgers (ground beef) that great outdoor grilled flavor, jucy, with a hint of char, and rich beef flavor.  In my openion, the FPL "griller" beats any commercially available seasoned burger that you have sampled. 

Another special product is a small plant grown in Ghana with the unique culinary ability to make sour products taste deliciously sweet. What they call the “Miracle Fruit” berry contains a sweetening agent, which splits on the tongue, to stimulate that ever so sweet taste we crave!

The fruit sort of coats the tongue, then comes alive to exert it's effect, fighting off any acid molecules that would destroy the sensation.  What is amazing is that it does not convert other foods to sugars, it stimulates our sweet taste buds. This Miricle fruit is the secret ingredient used in some higher priced German beer and Euro sweet bread recipes.

To New Tastes!  Fred                                                                                                                                                            


Fred Favole is Founder & President of Strategic Purchasing Services, America’s most Experienced foodservice purchasing and product development consulting firm.  He contact information: (912) 634-0040, email: or Connect on LinkedIn.


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