Take The Foodservice "Farm to Fork" Pledge

Restaurant customers are interested in knowing where their food comes from, with an emphasis on allergens, nutritutionals, and origin tracking. They ask your staff everyday, “What’s in  your food”?

SPS' company mission is to become the leader in purchasing outsourcing and support to emerging chains by going behond the typical savings and supply efficiency model. 

We pledge “farm to fork” food origin and ingredient transparency for the products we purchase throughout the global supply-chain.  I believe that my profession (food purchasing) is responsible to the culinary  team,  investors, owners,managment and the customer. That we are called to  do more than manage food safety scares and chase distributor credits for inferior product.

Join us by declaring that everyone in the supply-chain  must respond to the customers desire to know what they are being served.  Chicken is not the new "veal"....Take the "farm to fork" product pledge and pass it  along!

To Truth in Foods & Purity of  Ingredients !



Fred Favole is Founder & President of Strategic Purchasing  Services (SPS) a firm specializing in purchasing department  outsourcing,  product development and distribution program  management.  Contact: P: 912-634-0030, email:

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