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As a business owner, you have a great deal to worry about. The first thing that probably comes to mind is the financial side, right? Well of course, making a dollar is usually the main reason why people go into business, but there is more to it.

In order to make money, first and foremost, there has to be a product or service which the public demands. Without the demand, your business will fail. In order to create demand, you need to target and market to a specific audience, whether direct marketing, cold calls or online marketing. Once that audience is reached, the relationship must be cultivated and nourished. This in turn creates a platform which can be used to reach even more potential customers.

It doesn’t stop there. The key to any company is the employees and the effectiveness of their leader. Many colleges and universities have unleashed thousands of graduates whom are ready to find their place in companies and businesses across the world. Are you ready? Have you begun the interview process? Or, have you already hired a specific number of employees? What happens next? How do you motivate those employees once they are on-board?

There are always bonuses and benefits; sometimes even threats work, but given the culture of today’s society, employees need more than just money thrown at them. Although, that would be nice. They want to have the ability to be creative while in the workplace, they want to be and feel appreciated for a job well done and they want to be motivated. Wondering how a leader effectively motivates his team, without threats or making demands? One word, Patience. Employers or maybe I should say effective leaders must: 1) Be mindful about how they treat employees 2) Let employees know that they are confident in their capabilities and that they believe in them and 3) Be open with employees about what needs to be accomplished and why it’s important.

In essence, those three things take patience, which results in employees being motivated and wanting to do their very best. I mean, who wouldn’t want to do their very best when they know someone genuinely cares about them and has confidence in them.

How do you motivate your employees aside from bonuses? Let us know in the comments area below.

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