Summer Camp Withdrawals

That’s what I’m having.  It’s bound to happen.  I spend 3 months getting pumped for what I consider to be the best event of the year.  Followed by 3 days on a high without a drop of alcohol (well maybe a beer or 2…). Then Summer Camp comes to an end. 

The withdrawals I’m experiencing are different than one might expect.  My withdrawals are laced with inspiration and excitement.  It’s like I was just exposed to this supernatural energy source and the molecules in my mind, body and soul were somehow rearranged. 

 Summer Camp is difficult to explain.  It’s such a hybrid of experiences.  It’s inspirational and educational.  It’s uncomfortable and comfortable.  It’s serious and fun.  It’s giving and receiving.  It’s heart-warming and mind numbing.  It’s personal and it’s professional.   See I told you it was hard to explain.

I think I just made it more confusing.  Maybe it will help if I list of my personal Summer Camp highlights.  I’ll try to keep it to ten but there are no guarantees.

In no special order:

  1. The Peeps.  Of course it starts with Joni and Wally Doolin and the incredible PRBBI team.
  2. The Peeps.  My friends and colleagues.  The mix of entrepreneurs, consultants, restaurant professionals, tech wizzes and journalists.
  3. The Peeps.  The world class speakers, the talent show performers, Nancy and the Zoom team
  4.  Joni setting the tone by explaining “The New Normal” and emphasizing the importance of Relevance, Authenticity and Purpose.
  5. The Talent Show – the stars in the show and the stars who donated more than $18,000 to ProStart.
  6. Ty Sullivan fully clothed.
  7. Simon Bailey’s engaging style and inspirational “Vuja De” message.
  8. The CEO panel - Roz, Christopher and Marc sharing their personal stories.
  9. Knowing that “A Dry Crack is a Happy Crack” thanks to Scott “UnMarketing” Stratten
  10. The Summer Camp Band
  11. Piano Man
  12. Arie Ball from Sodexo sharing her best practices in employment branding and recruiting
  13. Amanda Hite recognizing individuals and organizations that are making a difference in their communities. 
  14.  Being encouraged by The Talent Anarchists to “Let Our Freak Flags Fly”
  15. Kami Wood defending her title as “Chubby Bunny Champion of The World”

There’s more but I’ve already exceeded my limit!  At the end of the day you have to be there to appreciate it.  Oh and be prepared to go through withdrawals of a different kind.


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  • It is amazing that you got the list down to 15.  Our COO just asked me what I did last week, trying to get it "bullet pointed" didn't work very well.  I wound up with" I learned a lot of really cool stuff and now have to figure out what to do with it", because in the long run none of it does any good if I don't use it to make us better.  (and by the way, boss, we donated $500 to ProStart, are you good with that?)

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