Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign…



My gym is famous for its signs.  I often wonder who comes up with the content for these signs.  I have to tell you about three of my favorites. 


Before I begin, allow me to provide you with a brief background on my gym.  It’s a beautiful facility located within about 5 minutes of my house and my office.  I love the convenience and the equipment they offer and that’s about it.  Then there’s the signs…


The first sign I noticed is located above the drinking fountain which says:


“Please notify service desk if you experience problems with equipment”. 


This one makes me chuckle because it is located directly above a water fountain that pumped nothing but luke warm water throughout the summer.  You’d think a gym with millions of dollars of equipment could provide cold drinking water for its members.  The other thing is this sign clearly represents their service philosophy by encouraging members to notify “the service desk” – not a service representative, not a member of their “friendly staff” but the desk itself.  “Hello desk, let me tell you about the luke warm water flowing from the water fountain…”


During the holiday season sign #2 made me laugh out loud:


“Spread the Word RATES ARE GOING UP!” 


Not Merry Christmas (excuse me, Happy Holidays!) not Happy New Year, not thank you for a great year.  “Spread the word” like raising fees is good news or something.  Sheesch!  They post this message on top of two assessments that came out of the blue during the holiday season when everyone is feeling broke.  Twas the season to be jolly…


The latest sign takes the cake:


“Coming Soon Your New Dynamic Training Area!” 


Wait a second, this is not “my” new dynamic training area!  Nobody asked me if I wanted one of these!  Heck all I want is a water fountain that pumps cold water on a hot August day. Oh and maybe some advance notice on the member assessments and the reason for the assessments.   I don’t need no stinkin dynamic training area.  Besides what in the hell is a dynamic training area anyway?  I know I’m being facetious.  I can’t help it I grew up in New Jersey…


My point is this.  Here is a place of business that is completely out of touch with their customers.  They have never reached out and asked me for my opinion.  They have never given me any indication that they appreciate my business and they want to keep me as a member.  The only reason I am still there is I signed an 18 month contract which ends in May 2011.  Oh, and it’s convenient. 



With all this said I’m a “glass half full” guy.  I’m thankful for the material they provide for my blogs and my business as a customer service professional. 


It starts with a vision that places the customer (member) at the very top of the priority list.  Clearly my gym doesn’t get this.  This place is essentially a workout factory with very little understanding of the value of a member. 


My last point - In today’s world of palm to palm communication and “word of mouse” advertising there is no excuse for not doing a better job communicating with what few would argue is their lifeline to success – their members!  My advice?  Take down the signs and reach out to me personally.  You never know , I could become your biggest fan…

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