There is an unbelievable amount of activity in the bagel shop recently. We’ve had several break downs of equipment so I haven’t made the time to sit and write. I’ve been out and about big time, from the roof to inside the oven. No joke. I wish I took a picture from the roof. I do not want to go back up:)

Steve, from Dependo Refrigeration, was repairing the motor on the vent up there & it’s always good to get familiar with equipment as is replaced and repaired. I love to understand how things work. Yesterday the thermostat on the sandwich unit where we prepare most of the sandwiches bit the dust at the crack of dawn. Steve showed up immediately and fixed it promptly. In the mean time we were shifting sandwich units around so customers waited patiently in a long line for their breakfast. It took great team work to get through the breakfast rush in a respectable manner.

Laurel Goeke, one of our regular customers, spearheaded the 2nd annual Celebrate Our Bus Drivers Day at Burning Tree Elementary School. It’s wonderful that they are honoring the bus driver’s and I was thrilled that she asked us to participate. The drivers walk under a huge banner that says, “We Love Our Bus Drivers,” and there are balloons and music over the loudspeakers. A really cool thing for people who spend so much time with our neighborhood kids! We sent over bagels and cream cheese and gave all the bus drivers $5.00 gift cards. This is Laurel’s response:

“Thank you so much for the support. It really means a lot, especially when we are a small group doing as much as we can. There are 2 dozen bus drivers plus one crossing guard. Our bus driver, Jose Lopez, is one of the most wonderful people you will ever meet. He has been a part of our lives for 5 years now, and every day I am grateful. It is rare to have as much confidence in a person as I have in him. Last year I was talking about him to a few friends, and found out that other people feel as strongly about their drivers (some not, which made us feel even more fortunate). That was when the day was launched.

We love to support the bus drivers and the families in our community.

Funniest thing this morning was when the toilet paper guy brought his delivery in a grocery cart! The guys in the back were laughing so hard they had to stop production! Understand, they’re used to helping the flour guy carry #50/#100 bags of flour.

We have a good time here at Georgetown Bagelry.

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