Submitted by the Talent Revolution team


10.  Your positive approach to life and business.  


9.  You guys possess the confidence to make bold moves which we respect and admire.


8.  Each of you have demonstrated the ability to rise up after adversity which is a testament to your leadership abilities.


7.  You are Big Picture business people who understand the power of the top line and know how to deliver on the bottom line.


6.  Know how to make money the right way.


5.  You understand that people are your most valuable asset.


4.  Your belief that everyone deserves a second chance.


3.  Knowing restaurant operations like the back of your hand.


2.  Your ability to identify a brand that has opportunity for growth and sustainability.


1.  Your ability to maintain and build relationships which is evidenced by the fact that we have been friends for going on 16 years.  

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