You have probably seen the Domino’s commercials about them adding mobile ordering apps to their business to help them increase sales.  According to NPN, about 83% of innovators and 72% of early adopters order from restaurant apps weekly.  Big restaurants may make this process seem easy, but for smaller business creating an app for their restaurant it can seem like a daunting task.  If they take it slow, and go step by step, they will find that it is a relatively easy process that they can accomplish.

The beginning step is to pick a web design team that will build the actual app.  Unless you can do this yourself, and kudos to you if you can, you are going to need some help to have an easy to use and attractive app.  This team will create the perfect look and put in the features that you want for your app.  They can custom make it just for your business.  They will tell you the dos and don’ts for your web page design and give you advice to make your app stand out.  Most web designers are quick and accurate when creating an app and they will understand the need of getting the app finished quickly.  While some professional web designers are affordable one downside is that it can be expensive to have them create your app.

Next, you will have to choose an online ordering provider and service for mobile ordering.  There are many different systems that you can choose from.  It is usually required that you have a non-linked system which means you have to find one online ordering provider and another mobile ordering provider.  It can then be difficult to get the two systems to work together to create an integrated effect for your customers.  However, it is possible to cut out the middle man and get a connected system from one provider.  These systems combine the online ordering and mobile ordering systems at the same time.  Standalone products like this provide an easier experience for customers and make it faster for them to find your restaurant.

If you are able to find a standalone product take it.  Otherwise the final step is to find a system to link the mobile and online ordering together.  When customers download your app, they will be able to see your online menu.  Once this last step is completed all that is left it to unveil your app, do some promotion to inform your customers, and enjoy the success that will come from creating your own online ordering app.


Savanna Eckenrode


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  • I agree with you.  You do need a system that is reliable, fast, safe, and affordable.  That is the reason that I think so many restaurants are actually trying to get involved with online ordering.  They are seeing the benefits and taking advantage of them!

  • Online ordering is the future for takeaways, millions of customers order online every month. It's simple, easy to use and completely secure.

    For online ordering systems you need a system that is reliable, fast, safe, and affordable and gives you the maximum output.

    You need a system that is reliable, fast, safe, and affordable and gives you the maximum output.

    Orders placed online are absolutely clear; you don't need to worry about clients not getting what they required because of bad hand writing or mishearing. This means happier clients and less orders  you have to remake!

    Online ordering means no busy phone signals and no hold times for clients. Never lose a consumer to long waits again.

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