by Celeste Edman, Marketing Expert

You're a restaurant owner who is opening a new restaurant. You've got a great concept, menu finalized, orders lined up, an advertising plan in place, staff hired. Now, it's time to train them. What about your training materials? Do you have a plan?

For your restaurant to succeed, having high food quality and strength of concept are no-brainers. But many restaurants simply don't put enough effort into their training, and it's a crucial factor to success. If it's not all together yet, you're not alone. But like staring at that blank sheet of paper, it can be difficult to start.

First, you have to start

Fortunately, there are tools available. You can go to right now and start downloading free manuals and job descriptions that you can leave as-is, or customize to your liking. If they don't have what you need, use what you do have as templates for new materials. Even if your materials need to be 100% custom, having something tangible you can work on is half the battle.

Make it easy— make it web-based

Thankfully we live in a modern era of wonderful technology— there is no reason to have your training materials on paper any more. You can share info with your employees through free repositories like Google Docs and communicate via email & SMS. Systems like Waitrainer make this even easier.

Your customers will notice

Not only is training your servers and staff to provide great service mandatory, but savvy customers are becoming more demanding about the level of training they demand in restaurants as well. A recent study by the National Restaurant Association said that 81% of American Adults say "they would be more likely to visit a restaurant that trains all its employees in proper food safety practices."

While you may have experienced employees who can pass their knowledge down the chain, consistency in your message is crucial.

To get started with free materials from, click here.

To learn more about how Waitrainer can streamline your training, click here.

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