Restaurant Marketing through Community Fundraising

Have you harnessed the power of your local community?

Every day, restaurant owners across the country have people knocking on their doors looking for donations to support local causes. Those causes could be the local Little League team to a person looking to support a family member in need. How do you react to these people coming to your business?Community Fundraising

The easy way is to tell them NO! The proactive approach would be to ask yourself this question. How can I help this local community member and their cause? Can this help my business as well? Tapping into the power of your local community is a great way to drive business for your restaurant. Studies have shown that 67% of consumers will support a local business who is engaged in helping the community.  Is this strategy part of your marketing plan?

An effective community marketing plan is also the path to new customers. Every restaurant needs new customers on a daily basis to keep the business growing. The obvious goal is to create a fantastic guest experience that will turn first time guest into loyal customers.

Tap into the power of your local community and turn first time guest into loyal customers.


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