Can you write out a description of a typical day in your life when you are in your dream position? Is your view of the job realistic? Do you know what the job entails? Have you watched your manager?

These are real questions that need to be answered before you can create a career plan. This outline can be revised at any stage through the career development cycle mentioned in Part 3.

It is important to identify this position early in your career. Taking the wrong restaurant job today can pay the bills, but this short term focus can derail your long term plans. This is why it is important to work with a recruitment firm who can help you find the right job.

How to Identify the Right Job?

Is it time to move forward and take a risk by approaching hospitality recruiters at a trade show for restaurant managers?

Is it time to take a couple years in a mid level career and build on your strengths and gain experience.

Various statistics say that the average employee spends some time each afternoon looking for  a new job. This is not surprising. Coaching brings another aspect to job hunting that many people are unaware of. Everyone wants a job that makes them feel fulfilled and energized. Few people invest the time needed to find what job will make them happy. Are you a restaurant manager or a general manager? Do your talents ride in preparation or execution? These are important questions to answer ‘before’ entering a job interview.

It isn’t important to have pat answers for a pre defined list of interview questions. What is important is to know what you want so that you can land the ‘right’ job.  It’s not about the job. It’s about you. Recruiters focus on helping their candidates secure jobs that they will want to keep for longer than one year. 

Recruiters help their candidates find clarity and understanding. Once this is accomplished then it is easier to identify yourself as a ‘restaurant manger’ or ‘general manager’. As the candidate sets intentions, explores possibilities, brings their curiosity alive, focus on the future instead of fearing outcomes. What you focus on expands! Did past jobs stretch your skills and expand your vision? Did you learn how to identify opportunities to grow and change?

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