For awhile I had been reluctant to call myself a foodie. I'm not sure where this came from, but I always thought of a foodie as someone with a "refined taste" for "fancy" food. You know -- those upscale restaurant-goers and abrasive critics.

It sort of reminds me of the question you were asked in literature class in high school or college: Are you more into high culture (literature and classics) or pop culture (Twilight, anyone?). It all speaks of that created tension between the elite and the masses. So who can be called a "foodie"? What is the requirement?

Food Networkis one of the biggest influences in my life as far as "coming out" as a foodie. I've come to realize everyone has different tastes, preferences, and food backgrounds. Some are more adventurous, while others know what they like. Many like to spend hours in the kitchen while others want to whip up a meal in 30 minutes. And still others like to sit back, relax, and enjoy foodie-tainment (food + entertainment : ).

Of course my mind is shifting in little ways as I grow, however I think the one and only criteria for being a foodie is passion. The passion to create and discover new techniques, exotic/unusual flavors, or simply to share all of it with your friends and family. It's that passion that oozes out when you see your favorite Food Network show or participate in a local bake sale. It's simply contagious.

Last summer, I spent every Sunday night with my good friend Tracie, soaking up the competition and characters in Food Network's "Next Food Network Star". Unfortunately, I spent this summer watching it solo...yet I still loved every minute of it.

So what kind of foodie are you? What sparked that passion for fast eats or rich delicacies? As a self-proclaimed foodie, FohBoh is the perfect destination to share my foodie tendencies.

Check out the winner of this year's Next Food Network Star!

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  • thanks jmadchef!
  • enjoyed your article - you have quite a talent
  • lol :))
  • haha yesss...AARTI PARTI!! I didn't realize she had her own blog and made her own cooking videos on youTube
  • Ooopss...I meant to write Paarti!...Silly me...
  • I LOVE Pararti! I'm actually JAZZED about the Food Network again!
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