Quick Starbucks! What am I Thinking?

OK, so this is getting a little creepy.

Creepy but cool all in the same breath mind you.

First off...WARNING: Wipe any inappropriate thoughts from your mind when you enter a Starbucks. Your mind is about to be invaded.

It was announced that Starbucks was teaming up with Square with a new technology that reads the customer's cell phone automatically and notify the store that the customer has entered, and the customer's name and photo will pop up on the cashier's screen. The customer will give the merchant his or her name, Starbucks will match the photo and the payment will be complete.

Sweet right?

They already have the smartphone bar scanners that are cashless so I'm seeing two things here. Three actually.

- Starbucks dominated and destroyed all the smaller coffee chains shy of Dunkin' Doughnuts and changed the way we even think about coffee and it's brand identification.

- Starbucks may lead the way in swinging the axe that will behead the already dying paper currency.

- Starbucks will be the first public chain to open on Mars when we colonize.

OK, so the last one may not even happen for another 6 months or so but...It's fascinating to observe how SBX is dominating the new era of technology when it comes to payment.

We already have started referring to coffee as a "starbucks" the same as we do "kleenex" for a tissue and soon we will be kissing George, Abe and Alexander off because SBX has said "Oh we have a better way to take you $7.98 for a coffee."

Now, I'm in the middle of those final stages of toilet training with my 4 year old. TMI...I know...but do you think SBX can help with that too? Perhaps this new technology with Square can help them read my frustrations and as I'm waiting for my Grande Venti half caf light unsweetened Latte with foam and a splash of Hazelnut syrup, the customer service team member can suggest some reading materials on the subject while I wait for my drink to arrive.

Just a thought.

And so it goes...

Read the New York Times article on it here>> CLICK

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  • First of all, love the SBUX cup on Mars.  

    I will preface my comment by saying that the media coverage did not articulate the way Square works, or how SBUX will integrate with Square very well (likely because the details I'm sure are still in the works).  But as someone who is very familiar with the way square works (although not employed by them), I can tell you the following about the way Square currently works:

    • The name popping up on the point of sale is completely consumer driven/controlled, only automatic if you specifically request that.  
    • You actually have to create a Square account, attach a profile picture, add a credit/debit card
    • At that point you have two options: manually "open a tab" or choose to have your tab opened automatically when you come in a close proximity of the location if it is a location you regularly frequent.  
    • SBUX, and more specifically the barista behind the counter, has absolutely no access to your personal information aside from a photo that you choose, and your name.  

    Just wanted to jump in the conversation and help clear up any confusion... 


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