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There are a great number of excellent restaurant bloggers around the web. Most of these people spend time writing these blogs while also working on starting their own business or holding down a full time job. I personally developed and write seven different blogs related to the restaurant industry. I do this as a method of establishing credibility for my book (Tips²: Tips For Improving Your Tips) and my consulting company. I have never had advertising on my blogs and they have never directly produced a dime for me. Long before I had a book or a consulting company, I blogged because I had some things to say about this industry that I felt could help restaurant servers, owners, and managers find greater success. I have poured thousands of hours of my life into over 350 posts and over a quarter of a million words of free information.

Most of us do not blog for money or fame. We do so to help others and share the insights we have gained. There is not a great deal of money to be made as a blogger. Most bloggers will never go on to become full time journalists or land their dream job based on their blog. We write because we have something to say and a our blogs give us a voice.

This is probably why it is so frustrating when we find that others are using our content without our permission in order to profit from it. I have found material I have written on a number of sites around the web and around the world. I have never turned down a request for a guest post from any website. Some companies have decided that rather than making a polite request, it is simpler to copy and paste the material that others have written. I know that a blog might not seem as protected as a book or a CD, but the effort is the same and it is still just as illegal to steal.

Some of the people doing this might not even know they are stealing. Buying "PLR" material or "auto-blogging" software seems like a great idea. You can launch a blog without having to take the time to write it. Before proceeding, you should stop to wonder where that content is coming from. There is not a great deal of writing out there that the author is willing to give away for free, with no credit given, to allow you to profit from it. It is a scam. This is the internet equivalent of buying a stolen watch in a back alley. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. In this case, your crime is documented for anyone to find and they will find you.

If you want to start a blog, there is any number of sources available to help you. If you want to do so to promote your business, write away. If you don't have time to do the writing, pay someone to do it for you. Stealing content or buying "autoblogging" software is not the solution. Theft is theft. We all work hard on our intellectual property and that needs to be respected.

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  • Good post and a great reminder, while I don't think (most) have a malicious intent when reposting content from a blogger, it is always important to give credit where credit is due!

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