popping the cherry

so this is my first post here. i just had  a delicious set of PEI mussels in a coconut curry with a set of toast points. mmmm...DELICIOUS!!! good food is defineately one of the perks to working in a fine dining restaurant! oh and i want to give a shout out to the wine i first sell in love with. thanks to my friend angela, i was forced (the typical non-wine drinker used to crappy 2 buck chuck (aka boones farm lol) and so did not like wine) try a 1999 bernardus marinus. It was truley delicious, and the first wine i fell in love with. and so, as an ode to that wine i have made it my current profile picture. if you have yet to appreciate it i invite you to rush, not just sit and think about it...RUSH to your nearest wine shop and try it. whether a wine expert or the mere wine-cooler drinker (btw please stop, thats gross lol), you will appreciate this great vinyard! :-D

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