Paying Too Much For Processing? Part 2

I was just reviewing a few card service processing statements, from my competitors, that came across my desk this week.

I was absolutely amazed that they were all based on the Tiered Pricing Model.  I couldn’t believe it!  I haven’t seen a Tiered Pricing model since…well, since all those used car salesmen needed a place to sell…you get what I’m saying.  If you are on a Tiered Pricing model…run like the dickens!

But seriously, there are only 2 pricing models that you will ever see with your merchant service credit card processing.  The dreaded Tiered Pricing model and my favorite (drum roll please) Interchange (or Raw Cost) Plus Pricing model.  Interchange rates are no secret they are clearly posted on the network websites like Visa and MC.

In this video, we unveil exactly what you, the merchant, must know when shopping for card service rates.

  You will learn the difference between the Tiered Pricing and Interchange Plus pricing models and how it affects your bottom line.  You will quickly be able to assess your own merchant service rates and realize that you are paying way too much, or that you’re interchange fees are right where they need to be.

Go watch this informative video NOW.  The merchant service industry never intended for YOU to have this information…I guarantee you! 

Ask yourself:  Are you paying too much for YOUR Credit Card Processing?  Do you even know how to tell which pricing model you are structured under?

  Well after today’s lesson, you will!

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