It happened to me today.  I've been 86'd from a LinkedIn group focusing on independent restaurant marketing.   It's probably been coming for a long time though. 

In my efforts since beginning in online and social marketing, I've always approached the question with glasses tinted in ROI.  I've always asked the question about why a business person might spend money without being able to show the return-on-investment.  When I do this, I question the status quo and ask the 'why' that often results in disclosing the truer nature of the Emperors New Clothes - kind of my way, but when I do share my perspective, I am not trying to make someone wrong, but appreciate they may have a different perspective - bottom line, I do not think I need to throw people under a bus to make a point.

In this case, if I was being really rude, I would understand.  On any of the social groups I manage, I make it clear that foul language and rudeness will not be tolerated.  The infraction here was suggesting that Google might be a good place for restaurants to place paid media expenditures.  Pretty serious huh?

Regarding SEM (like a Google AdWords or Boost) this 'professional' marketing consultant said "Not everyone in the phone book is a potential guest and SEM is nothing more than a glorified Yellow Pages ad."




I've seen where 4 of the top 10 search on Google in mobile is about restaurants and my perspective is that it might be a good investment to make sure my ad showed up when a customer is looked for it is not a good investment?! I dunno, I may be crazy, but I think I'd WANT to be seen where 40% of the markets is looking for me, but then again, I've often been a contrary kind of fellow.

They go on to say "The fact of the matter is that attraction tactics cost 7-10 times more than the least effective retention strategies with much less ROI." I happen to agree with him by the way, but successful marketing has components for demand generation and customer retention - not one or the other, both is the answer here.  As a matter of fact, ProfitStreams base platform is highly focused on retention marketing tactics - I get retention, but it's just one tactic and strategy that a restauranteur needs to pay attention to these days.  is it.

None the less, today I am banned from the group, my comments and posts have been removed and this guy has the audacity to tell others he understand everything about restaurant marketing today.




The story is useful to FohBoh'er in two ways - first, take solace that the team here at FohBoh seem to be more interested in what the audience is looking for; they appear to be learning, evolving and adapting the community to meet those needs.  Second, this guy does not seem to be very different when it comes to many of the 'old school' restaurant marketers I've come across. 

In this case it seems that the product he promotes is primarily customer retention programs; it's his only hammer and he's be a big fan of and promote customer retention programs to everyone he comes across. 

My point is that if you do come across a guy like this, one who only has a hammer, be careful, you may be his next nail.

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