Once Again It's On - Like Donkey Kong!

I’ve been a little lost the last couple days without a bucket list. Today is September 13, 2010 and it’s time to start anew. Hmmm… So I guess my life is going to be a continuing series of 30 day bucket lists. I’m sitting here thinking that’s a good thing. Several quick things I learned over the first 30 days:

· Rome wasn’t built in 30 days. Make sure what you have written down is doable within the time frame.

· Be clear and specific about what you want to change/accomplish

· Be kind to yourself

Okay with these key points in mind here goes. Drum roll please… Here’s my bucket list for the next 30 days:

1. Daily ab workout. There’s a muscle in my stomach somewhere and I’m determined to find it! Just one, that’s all. Workout with the ladies and Bryson.

2. Dedicated Bryce time every Tuesday. Pick him up after school and go do something fun.

3. Learn the words to a rap song from beginning to end and be able to perform that song for my friends and family.

4. Daily meditation – I didn’t quite get this down during my first 30 so it will be a point of emphasis this time around.

5. Sell out TR Live – This is an incredible value and a life changing event.

6. Book 2 speaking engagements and sign up 5 new clients – this one is back by popular demand!

7. Read “Saving the World at Work" and 2 books on customer service.

8. Artist date with Susan once a week. Go see a play. Go listen to jazz.

9. Re-read The Artist’s Way and get the TR gang on board to make the 12 week commitment.

10. Meet with my tax accountant and file my taxes.

11. Develop a personal budget.

12. Set up a visit to a college campus for Bryce.

13. Participate in 4 community service events – back to the Hope Center to feed the homeless.

14. Play golf 2 times (18 holes)

15. Eat 1 helping of green vegetables per day and 1 helping of fresh fruit. Chug green stuff daily.

Okay there it is. Down on paper… WOW is this a different way to live life or what? I want to take a moment to wish my TR 30 Day Challenge brothers and sisters the best of luck during their next 30 days. I will leave you with this inspirational quote for the day:

We will discover the nature of our particular genius when we stop trying to conform to our own or to other peoples’ models, learn to be ourselves, and allow our natural channel to open.”


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  • Okay Tyrone - I think we need to have a "rap-off" me and you, you and me, mano a mano... Second thought you'd probably take me down. Fahgettaboutit! There will be a video. I have til October 13th. I'm gonna check out the songs you recommended. What I havta remember is the songs are like 20 minutes long these days. Back when I was a kid the songs were like 2 minutes and change. What have I gotten myself into? Tracy I love your comment. especially the thought of being able to restart like Donkey Kong... BTW you were awesome when you started. Because if you weren't awesome you wouldn't be challenging yourself to reach new heights! Thanks for commenting you guys!
  • OK, as far as that rap song by heart...Can I recommend something tame like RUN-DMC Tougher Than Leather (old school dawg!) or take it extreme and hit them with GANGSTA NATION - WESTSIDE CONNECTION. That will guarantee your stay at Arkham Asylum. Personally, I look forward the YouTube video for either.
    You have my support dawg.
  • Very intersting...we are very similar in thought! I have been thinking how awesome it would be to live life 30 days at a time and how much I could get accomplished! I also was thinking about including something in my next 30 days to "be kind to myself". I have to remember that just because I am on a personal revolution challenge...doesn't mean that it was all bad to start out with! And...what's with this green stuff??? I know feel obligated to check it out. And remember...just like in Donkey Kong, there is always an option to restart! :)
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