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A few years ago the National Restaurant Association reported that48% of the average American household food budget is spent dining out.  That’s pretty high for an average, but some of us eat out far more than the average person, in particular those of us on the road.  Those of you who I see around the restaurant trade show circuit know what I am talking about; eating three meals a day (at least, sometimes there are happy hours and parties) either in the hotel that is your temporary home, or at the restaurants around it.  Anytime you eat out instead of prepare food on your own you have less control over what goes into it, so as you can imagine this lifestyle of eating on the road can really pack on the pounds. 


Thankfully both the restaurant and hospitality industries are beginning to cater to those of us who try to eat healthy even when business traveling.  Recently I traveled to San Diego on business and was pleasantly surprised to find a “healthified” room service menu available at Hotel Solamar.  Simultaneously, a colleague of mine returned from a trip to Chicago with a room service menu from Hotel Burnham, another Kimpton hotel.


The menus feature recommendations from “America’s Favorite Nutritionist,” Joy Bauer, and include full nutritional listings.  Check it out:  


I think that this is definitely a step in the right direction.  Even though we can’t avoid all of the parties and corporate dinners when traveling, it is great to have options back at the hotel. 


How do you watch what you eat while on the road?  

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