NRN's 2012 Predictions - how many are happening now?

Lisa Jennings at NRN posted last week on trends in 2012 and I swear, it looked like she'd been reading from our playbook and been briefed on our product roadmap.

Here are the highlights from her interview with Carin Galletta Oliver, president of the San Francisco-based world-of-mouth marketing agency Ink Foundry on the trends restauranteurs and marketers will need to deal with in 2012 -

  1. Data - Big data will impact decisions, if the marketer can get their arms around it.  Medium to large firms will find that a larger percentage of their marketing budget will go into data collection and measurement.
  2. Influencers - word of mouth matters, but how do you activate it? Social marketing is essentially WOM, but at the speed of electrons.  Influencer identification and management will pay off to those that understand how to connect with them.
  3. Signature Items - what makes you special?  Signature items allow the personality and differences of the Merchant to shine thru.
  4. Play with Customers - Gamification helps create interaction and engagement.  Brand affinity and awareness are supported wen you help the Consumer have fun with your brand.
  5. Humanizing Back of the House - Social access to the people who make the flavors happen will grow as chefs realize that these people in social are their customers - and they want to connect to find out what the chef is all about.
  6. Personalized Offers - The aforementioned data will permit custom offers that matter to the Consumer.  Better targeting means better results.
  7. Local, local, local - Restaurant marketing on the web hits a global audience, but draws from a local one.  SEO for local and ties to LBMS (location-based marketing services) will expand quickly as restaurants look for the undecided, mobile diner.

We were stunned (and flattered) with these predictions.  What would you add to the list? 

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