My Dining Out Meal Plan Under 1,700 Calories

Who says that eating out can’t be low cal?  I say as long as you have the information available, you can make healthier decisions at any eatery.  Working the San Francisco Financial District (or as we locals call it the FiDi) I have a lot of dining options at my fingertips.  Here is an example full day of restaurant-purchased meals complete with calorie counts in my healthy eating range:




  • Specialty’s Regular Steal-Cut Oatmeal (200 cal), with
  • 1 Medium Banana (105 cal), and
  • Slivered Almonds (40 cal)


= 345 Calories


Morning Snack: 



= 90 Calories




  • San Francisco Soup Company Regular Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup (228 cal)
  • Sourdough bread for dipping (140 cal)
  • Garden Salad with Dressing (175 cal)


= 543 Calories


Afternoon Snack:



=150 Calories   




  • Healthy BBQ Chicken Plate from L&L Hawaiian BBQ.  Includes: BBQ Chicken, Brown Rice, and Green Salad without dressing. (363 Cal)
  • Ranch Dressing (146 Cal)


=509 Calories




What is your favorite healthy meal out? 

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