My Brain Hurts in a Good Way

My Brain Hurts in a Good Way!


This was one of my favorite tweets from Foodservice Social Media Universe conference held last week in San Francisco. So many smart people and so much information in one and a half days!

I’ve always hated the word should. Some wise guy or maybe it was a wise man once told me, “Never should on yourself” and I promise I’ve worked hard to eliminate that word from my vocabulary. 

So instead of saying, “You should have been there for FohBoh's FSMU”, I’ll just say, “Don’t miss next year’s conference!” Unless of course you have one of the following reasons (excuses) not to go…


Reasons You Wouldn’t Attend FSMU in 2012


1. You think like an Ostrich – believing the best way to stay apprised of current trends in technology, social      media and foodservice is to keep your head in the sand!

2. You are uninterested in acquiring new clients/customers.

3. You think networking with the best and brightest in foodservice and SM is a waste of time.

4. You prefer a low tech approach to business

5. You don’t like people.

6. You think a stimulated brain is overrated.

7. You prefer to stick with your flip phone.

8. You think San Francisco is a not a fun place to play and do business.

9. You think Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube are passing fads.

10. You are convinced that door hangers are making a comeback!

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  • Bill, it would be interesting to update that list in six months. We may be looking at some very different issues as the fast paced social media world evolves. I would also offer this: restaurants are uniquely positioned to take advantage of social media. Restaurants create on a daily basis. Social media rewards businesses who can think in that innovative manner.
  • Thanks Bill for the wonderful write up. We were so honored to have you there and are so appreciative of your participation. We'll see you next year!
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