My 30 Day Report Card

It’s official. I have completed my 30 day challenge. The results are in and I think I’ve earned a C. Here’s the recap:

1. A two-pack… Most guys want to have six pack abs. I’ll settle for a two pack. Heck I’ll be happy to be able to detect a single stomach muscle at the end of 30 days!

After 30 days: No sighting of a stomach muscle, not one. This one goes on the next 30 day bucket list

2. Workout daily

After 30 days: Not too shabby. I did 5 days a week until I got some stupid flu bug in my final week. Should have been more specific – 5 days a week.

3. Twenty minutes of quiet time daily

After 30 days: failed miserably. With a little help from a friend I’m getting this one down on my next 30 days.

4. Journal daily

After 30 days: I done good on this one. Practically every day! Therapeutic to say the least

5. Blog weekly

After 30 days: Not bad.

6. Alcohol on special occasions only!

After 30 days: I freakin did this! 2 beers on Jeff’s birthday and a glass and a half of wine when we were out to dinner with Sonny and Dawn. I amazed myself with this one.

7. Eat healthy (no snacks, no sugar)

After 30 Days: Not bad, no chocolate, no ice cream. I did have vanilla yogurt so I didn’t eliminate sugar.

8. 100 oz. of water daily

After 30 days: Hydration is not my thing. Failed miserably

9. Give back to the community

After 30 days: two great giveback events with the team. Must do more next 30 days.

10. Develop personal budget and financial plan

After 30 days: Made some progress here. Needs more attention in the next 30 days.

11. Schedule weekly Susan and Bill time and DO IT!

After 30 days: Established date night and actually did it a couple of times. Needs more focus.

12. Read two books about customer service (Domino and Great Service Great Profits)

After 30 days: I didn’t do this although I did read two books

13. Sign up 5 new clients

After 30 days: I have lots of prospects but have not signed anyone up – Failed

14. Book 2 speaking engagements

After 30 days: One possibility still failed.

15. Sell out TR Live Event in SoCal

After 30 days: Many calls many contacts

16. Dance (this was peer pressure prompted)

After 30 days No dancing, not sure I had my heart in this one.

17. Cartoon

After 30 days: Failed. Did not make time to do this.

18. Me time (alone time to develop my personal plan/UCL plan)

After 30 days: Sketchy. D -

19. Two (2) Special events with Bryce example Cincinnati Reds game, UK football game, etc.

After 30 days: half credit, we did go to a Reds game but that was it.

20. Skype with Loren, Clay, Beth and Barbara.

After 30 days: quarter credit – Skyped with Loren and sent Beth a web cam. So maybe a little more than quarter credit

So now it’s time to beat myself up! Wait a sec, “stop beating yourself up” is on my next 30 day bucket list so I guess I can’t do that. How bout some more positive self-talk? “Hey man, you accomplished a lot during your first 30 days – Congratulations!” Now that sounds better.

Actually I am proud of what I accomplished and I’m not stopping here. You see I have been on this journey for a lifetime. The difference now is I’m kickin it into high gear. I’ve made this decision for a variety of reasons:

1) The taste of Ramen Noodles is getting old! (inside joke)

2) My team and my network of supporters are counting on me!

3) Oh and I am now including me as part of that group of supporters (that’s huge)

4) I’m gaining clarity every day. The clearer I get the more inspired I become!

So what have I learned over these last 30 days?

1) Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Too many bucket list items sets you up for failure.

2) Giving back to the community is a non-negotiable for me. Must be included on all future bucket list.

3) I have the best accountability partners in the world. My team at TR and my Twitter friends have helped to keep me focused and on track.

4) Real, sustainable change is uncomfortable to say the least. It requires mental toughness.

5) Be kind to yourself. It’s so easy to beat myself up for what I haven’t accomplished.

So, what’s next? Another 30 days. Another bucket list. More people join Talent Revolution’s 30 Day Challenge. More challenges. More discomfort. More fun! The journey continues…

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