Mobile Marketing for Restaurants Made Easy

Mobile marketing for restaurants is quickly becoming one of the most popular, easiest and most affordable way for restaurants to market themselves. Mobile marketing uses mobile devices to advertise and grow their customer base. If your restaurant is not utilizing mobile marketing, it should take advantage of this marketing technique. The following article contains some helpful tips on how you can effectively use mobile marketing and grow your restaurant.

In order to use mobile devices to advertise, you need either cell phone numbers or email addresses. In order for you to get these, you will have to ask for them. Some of your customers will give you the information you want, but not everyone is so ready to share their information. In order to get more email addresses or cell phone numbers, you are going to have to get creative. You might try offering some sort of special discount or offer for those who give you their information. Make it worth their while and they will be more likely to give you their information.

Make a mobile site. Mobile sites are much easier to see and use on mobile phones. If your site is easy for mobile users to see and use, it is more likely that they will give you restaurant. If your site is too hard to navigate on a mobile device, chances are your visitors will leave and go elsewhere.

Market to your current customers. You can do this by starting a points system or something similar. For instance, offer one point for every $10 spent. Once the customer reaches a certain number of points, reward them with a discount or special offer. Anything you can do to entice customers to continue shopping with you or using your service will help keep your restaurant growing.

Do not send messages at hours that are too early or late. By sending messages at convenient times, it is more likely that your subscribers will read them and take action.

Your messages need to be helpful and relevant, and you should not send too many. If your send out frequent messages, they may start to be ignored. Also, if you send out information that is not helpful or relevant, they will probably be ignored, too. Send out information such as special sales, coupons or new information about your restaurant that will be of interest to your customers.

Do not use spam. Spam is the fastest way for your customers to stop trusting you. Only send out helpful information that benefits your customers.

Make it simple for subscribers to opt-out of receiving text messages or emails. If customers know they can easily stop receiving your messages, they will be more likely to sign up. Also, they will trust you more as a restaurant if you have an easy opt-out option.

Just about any restaurant can benefit from mobile marketing. Almost everyone has some sort of mobile device and by taking advantage of this, you can successfully grow your restaurant. Use the tips offered here and you will be well on your way to having a mobile marketing campaign that works for you.

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About the author: Michael Pingree is the founder of Pinson Marketing, a marketing firm that provides websites and printing to the restaurant industry. (Coming soon: SEO, Email Marketing, Reputation Management and Social Media Marketing)

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