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While most restaurant owners know and agree that offering full nutritional information as a part of their menu is a good thing, many are quick to point out multiple road blocks on the road to full disclosure.  While these objections may have held somevalidity in the past, truth is they just don’t hold their weight anylonger.  If you’re still weary of takingthe leap into nutritional information menu labeling, this post is just for you.  Come along as we debunk the 3 most popularmenu labeling myths.  


Myth #1:  Preparing full nutrition analysis and menu labeling will consume hours and hours of my time and payroll.


            When you choose MenuTrinfo to provide your nutritional information and menu labeling, you won’t be spending hours in front of your computer performing tedious data entry orwasting valuable hours babysitting a nutritionist in your kitchen.  At MenuTrinfo, we know your time is valuable,and do everything we can to take as little of it as possible.  The MenuTrinfo process is so easy, all you dois provide your recipes (which  andserving sizes to our trained team of nutritionists and database experts, and weprovide everything else.  Whether you arelooking to add information to signage, menus, or provide a comprehensive indepth resource including reverse ingredient look up for every item you offer,we are here to serve you.


Myth #2:  There is no way to be prepared for every allergy, special dietary need, and food sensitivity.  There’s just too many to keep track!


MenuTrinfo is the only menu labeling service which offers the reverse ingredient look up feature.  By using this tool you can provide your customers 100% assurance of which menu items match their needs in just seconds.  With MenuTrinfo nutrition labeling, yourrestaurant is prepared to serve the evolving needs and concerns of any allergyor dietary need.


Myth #3:  Nutrition analysis and menu labeling is far too costly for my budget.


            At MenuTrinfo we approach menu labeling and nutrition analysis differently than our competitors.  Due to our specializedsystem for nutrition analysis and menu labeling, we are simply able to do itfaster, better, smarter...and at significantly less expense than ourcompetitors.  Plus we offer somethingelse, customization to serve your unique needs, no matter how big or small,best serving your needs is our number one priority.


Would you like to learn more about how MenuTrinfo can work with your business to provide menu labeling and nutritional information to your customers?  We’d love to talk you aboutit.  Call us today at 1.866.767.MENU(6368) and we’ll get to work, creating a customized plan which will best suityour business!

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