Matters of the Heart & Soul

Georgetown Bagelry will forever be changed because Badu is leaving.

Badara Njai is our Team Leader and most of you know him from the front counter, waiting on you, at the bagel shop. I’ve known Badu for over 15 years and I believe he’s been working our Bethesda store for a good 7 years. Badara came to us in Georgetown where he began working part time while he was going to school and later came on board full time. At one point he left and worked at another bagel shop, but that didn’t last too long and as we were expanding from so he came back on board.

Badara is a man of principle and as honest and forthright as a human being can be. There were rough times, particularly when I was going through divorce and the business was a mess. Badu and I talked. My ex-husband punched Badu at one point when he was working at the pizzeria. Badu called me, and I told him to call the police. Unbelievable. I told him that I wanted him to manage the Bethesda store and if he could hold tight while I cleaned house, we would rebuild the business together.

Badara worked the Bethesda store seven days a week for a couple of years while I downsized, sold, and cleaned up the mess in Georgetown. There are few people in the world with that kind of commitment and integrity.

Badara is the youngest of ten siblings. He grew up in Gambia where his entire family lives. Last year, Badu’s wife and daughter moved back to Gambia. Badu took them over and stayed a couple of months, but coming home to the United States has not felt the same since. One of Badu’s brothers was in a serious accident - hit by a car - he’s okay, but there are after effects. Sadly, another brother recently had a heart attack and passed on. He was young. My age. Badu is torn between his love of work and responsibility and love of his family. He must return to Gambia and resolve issues in his heart and soul.

I am proud to say that Badu is taking an undetermined leave of absence. He is doing the right thing for Badu and this is very important to all of us at Georgetown Bagelry. First, is our community and Badu’s heart and soul are a huge part of it!

I will keep you updated on Badu, but in the meantime keep an eye out for the date and time of his “Going Away Party.” Badu, we will miss you.

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