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In business it goes without saying, when it comes to marketing you can’t put all your eggs into one basket. Simply put, that would be business suicide; you must diversify in order to spawn growth.

Depending on your goals, the type of business and the targeted audience, there are dozens of marketing options to consider when luring consumers to your brand, product or services. For instance, aside from traditional marketing tactics (press kits, mailers, flyers…), online tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and email marketing not only accompany branding efforts, they also help socialize your business and build customer loyalty.

Thinking of marketing on a smaller, local scale, it is important to create buzz and inform those around you about your business and what you offer. Using marketing tactics, such as cross-promotion, within a 3-5 mile radius around your location will have an effective impact on your bottom line.

Below are three easy strategies to attract the attention of locals in your area:

  1. Community Partnerships – the idea behind partnerships is to build credibility and exposure by associating with other nearby, credible businesses and non-business organizations. The aim is to carefully choose businesses and organizations that interact and have strong ties with your target audience. Those chosen should complement your company’s values and branding image and vice versa. The end result is a win-win for all involved; there is the benefit of repeated exposure, a broadened customer base and the opportunity to support your local community.
  2. Personal Selling – everyone nowadays sends emails or texts, but there is still something to be said about face-to-face interaction. The power of a hand shake goes a long way. Set some time aside and visit neighboring businesses, express your interest in partnering with them and how much you’d like their support. If you have marketing materials to hand out or if you’re hosting an event, make an effort to deliver the materials or invite in person, with a smile.
  3. Public Relations – think “free advertising.” Use local media outlets to expose your brand. Reach out to local reporters, bloggers and news outlets and offer them an incentive for their help. Invite them to an exclusive event you’re hosting or, offer them a behind-the-scenes look at your business or even supply them with a sample of a new product you’re about the launch. This type of local attention will position you as a trustworthy business owner who takes a concerned interest in the community.

Although the above marketing efforts are low in monetary terms, building lasting relationships cost in both time and energy.

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