Marketing Meltdown: The Week That Wasn’t

There comes a time, particularly towards the end of the summer, when you just don’t care anymore. I’m not saying that in a bad way or in a “goodbye cruel world” tone but, rather an “it’s the end of the summer, no one is around/it’s about to get really busy/I need to step back and recharge” kind of way.

Not such a bad thing really.

It’s one of those weeks where the weather was gorgeous yet I was stuck indoors, at a desk all week.

It was one of those weeks where the 2 year old daughter I love so much found every button of mine to press while stuffing her leftover breakfast pancakes into the DVD player then questioning me as to why she couldn’t watch The Little Mermaid for the 7th time that week.

It was one of those weeks where I wondered, “is everyone else off this week but me?” while staring at the phone on my desk, reminiscent of a young crush ridden school girl awaiting the “cute boy” from the lunchroom to call.

Sometimes the mind just needs to switch off especially in this over stimulated hyper fast social media, multimedia and multi tasking world we live in. The brain can only take so much over stimulation and process so much information. That’s where I stood this week.

But rather than cave in to the lack of time for myself or motivation to work, I did all that I could mentally and physically to make some impression of progress so as to have something to show for my paycheck this coming Wednesday. I decided to just be an observer rather than be a problem solver, visionary or the guy who has all the answers to the world of Social Media and Marketing.

I stepped back.
I opened my eyes.
I took in the world around me.

I let my environment feed my eyes, mind and soul and took in what was happening around me. If it set my mind in the right direction for something I could do for the restaurant business, customer service industry or this blog, then so be it.

I took the time to be honest with myself (and my readers) and rather than put a blog together that would be half hearted with some technical info I wasn’t jazzed about, I decided to be honest and human and say, “I cooled my jets this week everybody and re-energized my batteries!”

We work in an industry where the pace can alter the velocity of our lives. It’s fast, ever changing and exciting. It’s an adrenaline that can sometimes only be compared to the thrill of skydiving. You just have to keep the faith that the parachute will open.

I think if we were all a little more inclined to be truthful and not feel we had to be “on” all the time then we surely would be able to accomplish a great deal with a slight pause from time to time.

It’s the end of summer, 2010 my friends. We shall not be afforded another until next year. I hope your summer was everything you wanted it to be and I hope you took the time you needed for yourself to get ready for a terrific and busy 4th quarter. Just keep your parachute handy at all times.

And So It Goes.

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  • Paul! Can I tell you that that Carlin piece is one of my all time favorites! My wife and I recite bits of it when ever we are shopping and we question what it is we are about to purchase. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today ;-)
  • Georeg Carlin: STUFF
  • Hey Ty...
    The pleasure of serving others has always been refreshing for me. This Labor Day weekend I volunteered to work. Part of life is being balanced. I live pretty simple, indulge in time away from work, participate in activities that relax me. Part of the formula is I stopped buying "stuff" long ago, So here's a holiday treat: George Carlin speaks about "stuff"...

    As far at that making money thing goes... if you take care of people... the $$$ will be there. Been trying to get that across to my peers for years!
    Don't drink and drive this Labor Day holiday!
    Paul - WaitersWorld
  • Thanks for being authentic, approachable, and responsive. That's why we enjoy your posts.
  • Thanks Ron! It's funny as I wrote this I thought "Man, no one is going to give a hoot about this?" But so far people have been really responsive who have seen it. They seem to like that it was "real" and dealt with something we all need to acknowledge from time to time...Stopping to smell the roses :-)
    I hope your roses are smelling great my friend and keep truckin'! Oh and let's see what we can do about getting paid for it LOL!
  • Sound advice, Ty. I often find a baseball game, bicycle ride, or a hike do more than an extra hour at the desk to keep me productive. Now if only I could find a way to get paid for them ...
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