Leveraging a Bird Poop Situation

There are a lot of things I don't know.  There's one thing I do know.  This is the first time I've used "poop" in a blog headline. 


 I went to the car wash yesterday.  It was around 7:00pm and this time of year it's dusk.  My Father-In-Law was kind enough to lend us his car and I wanted to return it all shiny and clean, hence my last minute trip to the car wash. 

 I've been in Dallas for a little over a year and I will tell you they take their car washing seriously.  This car wash is branded "Mr. Clean" after the iconic household cleaner and it is truly state of the art.  I'm in a hurry so I ask for the basic wash and the kid at the check-in up sells me to a Bronze Wash whatever that is.  You stay in your car at "Mr. Clean" while you get towed through the wash.  It's actually fun.  I know I'm easily entertained.  

When I came out of the sudsy tunnel I noticed that everything was sparkling except for one ugly deposit dropped by one of our feathered friends right in the middle of the windshield.  My first thought was, "This would be unacceptable to the Mr. Clean I know".  At first I hesitated to bring it up to one of the attendants.  I figured they'd had a long day and I didn't feel like putting up with an attitude from a tired hourly worker.  

When I pulled up next to the area where they clean out the car interiors (I had paid for an exterior wash only) I was pleasantly surprised when an attendant walked toward my car and asked, "May I help you sir?"  I asked him if he'd mind eliminating the one blemish that remained after an otherwise perfect wash.  You know what he said to me?  "It will be my pleasure".  Not only did he wipe away the bird crud he meticulously cleaned my entire windshield.  But wait there's more.  

He looked at my tires and said, "If you would like to pull around to the oil change bay Sir, I will check your tire pressure.  It appears to be a little low". I thought I was hearing things.  What?  Did you seriously just say that?  It's quitting time.  What's wrong with you?  You are supposed to be in a hurry to get out of here and you are asking me if I'd like extra service while making it seem like no big deal.  C'mon... 

I pulled around to the oil change bay and he checked the tire pressure and sure enough it was low.  After filling all four tires he asked if I'd like to have my fluids topped off for free.  Hold on a second here.  I'd never had my oil changed at Mr. Clean. I hadn't earned the right for a "FREE TOP OFF".  Apparently I'd earned that right just for being there.  I politely declined and thanked him for filling the tires. When I said thank you, you know what he said to me?   "It's my pleasure sir.  Please come back and see us again soon."  

In the Dallas suburbs there's a car wash on every street corner, or so it seems.  Typically I wouldn't have any loyalty to one or the other of course until Mr. Clean knocked my socks off.  In this commoditized world we live in, I believe customer service is the only differentiator.  What are your thoughts? 

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