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If you have time please take a minute to watch this short video clip, it’s less than 2 minutes:

Isn’t that great?!? This company was able to get 66% more people to take the stairs just by adding an element of fun. This got me thinking about our industry and how we may be able to use The Fun Theory to get people (kids especially) to eat healthier and drive business.

Fast food companies have been doing this for years to help drive their children’s sales by offering toys in kid meals and adding playgrounds to their restaurants. And now we’re beginning to see some restaurants use fun to drive choices towards choosing healthier options and forming better eating habits.

A few examples:

Burger King brought fun to fruit by offering apple “fries” as an alternative to French fries:

In 2004 McDonald’s launched their Go Active campaign to get people eating healthier and get them moving by offering free pedometers with adult happy meals:

What makes something fun? People love interactive activities right? One current interactive trend that empowers people to make healthier eating choices is the idea of the build-your-own. Letting people design their own meals by offering the pieces is fun, and why not make those choices healthy? Or maybe give an incentive for building a healthier meal. Isn’t produce cheaper than meats and dairy anyways?

What else have you seen restaurants doing to incentivize healthy choices?

What else could they do?
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  • Restaurants can emphasize healthier choices by making it clear that your health is important. Dedicate a menu area to the low-calorie, lower-sodium choices. Subway did it best with Jared. Taco Bell tried it with the Taco Bell diet, but the real key is to help your customers make choices by presenting your best face and best options for a healthy lifestyle front and center.
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