Day One of the Fancy Food Show

The first day of the Fancy Food Show is completely overwhelming. There are so many things to see and taste that it is hard to keep track of it all. I see people writing orders on the first day and I wonder howthey can be so decisive. But certain vendors stand out, and the ones thatmanage to stay top of mind after tasting so many other delicious goodies areitems that deserve a place in Stone and bone Trading Company’s Gift Basketsthis holiday season.

I always knew that if it came down to it, I was Augustus Gloop. Gloop, you will remember, was the hapless fat kid sucked up and through the chocolate extraction pipe system after drinking from the chocolate river inWillie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. In the same situation, I knew I toowould be unable to resist an endless flow of rich, smooth, creamy moltenchocolate. If you too are impressed with your own self control for not tradingyour fruit kebobs for a water glass when faced with a chocolate fountain atweddings, Caffe D’Amore’s Bellagio Sipping Chocolate is sure to win your heart.Made with 100% pure cocoa powder and chocolate liqueur, all it takes is hotwater or milk to create a luscious liquid indulgence. Bellagio also makes OldWorld-style gourmet hot cocoa that features dark and light chocolate blendedtogether in luxurious flavors like orange pecan and caramel praline.

In my life covering restaurant trends, there are some key sources who really help me to understand the state of the industry. Last year, some of these VIPs received holiday gift bags that included Kaffe Magnum Opuscoffee, which was great for most but not everyone has a coffeemaker. Buteveryone can make hot water, so I’m planning to create at least one gift bagfeaturing Bellagio’s delicious products.

Shelf-stable is our watchword as we don’t have freezer capability, but Dorot chopped herbs are carried at most supermarkets and frozen into small cubes, perfect for adding to and recipe. Plus they are all-natural,as chopped fresh herbs should be, and non-gmo.

Other major hits of the day included amazing Serrano ham, pecan syrup and seriously ginger-y ginger ale that would probably be a big hit in my neighborhood. More to come!

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