JaDu Industries SKADOOSH!

When I sought out to find an iPad stand to put on the tables for BEAN Coffee Lounge, it had quickly proven to be quite difficult.  BEAN is a new Coffee concept in Seattle that is putting an iPad on every table.  Yes, an iPad on every table.  After meeting with the founder (who wears many hats, including concept development), I knew immediately that we needed a stand that was both elegant (BEAN has a modern look), and sturdy (as it will be in the public setting all day, everyday).  It was important that the customer could easily pick up the iPad and use it normally, keeping the beauty of the iPad in-tact.  This means of course, no wrap-around casings, even the nice ones wouldn't do.   We also had not made the final decision whether or not to keep the iPads plugged in durring business hours or not, so we needed the freedom of plugging them in if we decided to do so.

I learned quickly that those are very conflicting needs.  After many google searches,

reading dozens of blogs, visiting just about every retail outlet I could find, and asking

everyone I knew what kind of stands they used, I was just about at a dead end.  

I somehow came across JaDu Industries website- I was amazed by the sleek look,

versatility, and durability they were touting.  By far one of the most sturdy, affordable,

and flexible stands I had come across.

So I went for it and ordered the stands: we got the product in and I am as blown away as I was when I saw their very descriptive website for the Skadoosh.  The aluminum was beautiful, the insert that holds the iPad in place was designed perfectly, adjusting it from the deep slant for typing, all the way up to the practically horizontal angle, was seamless.  With the aluminum body, the Skadoosh is light enough to carry around in your bag (even comes with a nice little bag).

I would be willing to bet Jonathan Ive would be impressed by this design that is very in-line with apples industrial design principles.  Well done JADU! 

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