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Peter Drucker, the legendary professor credited with inventing the discipline of business management, once said:

“The customer rarely buys what the company thinks it’s selling him.”

Let’s discuss this insight in the context of restaurants. Typically, restaurants are thought of as food vendors. Restaurants sell food. That’s it, right?

Wrong, and if you’re a fancier, trendier restaurant (or even a food-truck), you’re probably already acutely aware of this. But what if your offerings are less flashy, expensive, or trendy?

We’d wager Drucker’s statement still holds true. Consuming food is a basic human necessity that involves some key ingredients: face-to-face time, sensory experiences, a certain degree of comfort, and a certain amount of money. This makes getting a meal of any type an opportunity for a host of occasions: business, celebration, bonding, and even just relaxing.

Clearly then, all restaurants sell more than just food. The service, the music, the colors, the lighting, the menus, the people, the attire–in short, the experience–are all part of a restaurant’s product. But here’s the question: are you selling this experience in the optimal way?

1) Your marketing channels directly impact your image. As we’ve discussed here on Foodem previously, options for restaurant marketing have expanded significantly with the social-mobile revolution. Facebook, Urbanspoon, and Yelp tend to cater to savvier people while more traditional services such as Google Maps and Zagat appeal to others.

2) Understand the ways of your best clients. Youngsters at the local Chipotle are much more willing to express their opinions on Facebook from their mobile devices than business-people having a client meeting over dinner. Nurture your customers’ proclivities to realize your maximum potential. Here are some more insights from a previous article.

As a successful restaurant, it’s likely you’re already thinking along these lines. We think it’s crucial, however, to continually evaluate strategy in this rapidly-changing environment in which people are more selective and connected than ever before (here are some of our tips).

That’s why at Foodem, the only B2B online marketplace that connects wholesale food distributors with wholesale food buyers, we know our customers are at both ends of the digital usage spectrum, so we maximize the ways people in which people can reach us.

Have you come across any special marketing tools you find critical to the experience of your restaurant? Speak up in the comments!

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