Inspiration 101

Two ways to do it…..

Do it because I pay you.
Do it because I inspired you.

Both work.
One gets amazing results.
One gets short-term results.
One takes a lot of work, one not so much.

Inspiration takes a lot of work and some folks just aren’t willing to give what it takes to lead from this very important value.

What does it take you ask?

Time – helping people and inspiring them is one of the most time consuming things on this planet. Inspiring others takes ALL of your time.

Commitment – When inspiring others you can’t give up. When it gets really tough and you feel like you just can’t seem to inspire, don’t give up you are almost there. Success often comes right after the biggest obstacles are faced.

Care – “People don’t care how much you know until they now how much you care” Nuff’ said?

Relationships – If you don’t know anything about a person and know what motivates them, stop now! You have to push people’s buttons the way they want them pushed, not the way you think they should be pushed.

Selflessness – If you are trying to make yourself better by helping others, you are on the wrong track. Helping others to be successful IS the outcome.

Sincerity – Inspiration is done through influence not manipulation. Manipulation is the evil stepsister of influence and people can smell insincerity a mile away and manipulation really stinks.

It’s my belief that a very small percentage of the work force is inspired by someone else to be great. I don’t know why, I just know. Try this paradigm shift next time you find yourself struggling to inspire. “ Think of the person that you want to inspire to achieve their biggest accomplishments. Got them in your mind? Here’s the deal. If I wrote you a check for $1,000,000 and all you had to do to earn it was to inspire the person you are thinking of to achieve their biggest accomplishment. You can’t do it for them, you can only influence them, and what would you do?

I know your mind is racing with the things you would do to inspire.

My suggestion
1st - Get a pen, some paper, and start writing down your ideas
2nd - Start doing those things right now

“A true leader is measured by the success of those they lead”

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  • Well said my brother! I think your point about when you feel like giving up that's when you need to stick with it because inspiration is right around the corner. I think too many managers give up because it is hard and time consuming. In the restaurant biz I swear many of us look at employees like they are just "passing through". Are they doing that because they are just average employees or are they doing that because nobody has taken the time to provide them with inspiration? I know you know the answer. Thanks for making me think as you have a tendency to do. I miss seeing you. Hopefully we will reunite soon. BC
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